1970-2020 : 50 years of services

Founded in 1970 by Christian Megrelis, a French hi-tech engineer with international roots, EXA INTERNATIONAL has been, from her very beginning a creative and ambitious company, with a deep feeling of global economics evolutions.

EXA INTERNATIONAL is a company dedicated to the development of international trade and investments, with a strong priority given to engineering and finance.
In a few years the company acquired a mastership in the development of projects requiring dual expertise in advanced technologies and finance.

EXA INTERNATIONAL has been at his best in emerging countries with vast industrial ambitions hampered by lack of adequate financing capabilities, like Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, Congo, Zaire, Ivory Coast, Russia, FSU countries and now China.
Her fields of excellence are engineering related to gas and siderurgy and valorization of natural resources.

EXA INTERNATIONAL is currently developing a new activity in nuclear engineering, with a specialization in reactors of Nuclear Propulsion.

EXA International also launches a new activity of ammonia and methanol plant depollution in cooperation with one of the world biggest ammonia trader.

EXA INTERNATIONAL has been a pioneer in the South-South exchanges in the 80', in East-West exchanges in the 90', in Far East-West exchanges in the 00' and today, in South-North exchanges from Africa to the rest of the world.

Early 2005 we started our cooperation with Central African countries. Mining and natural gas projects have been implemented in conjunction with Asian private investors.

As of today EXA INTERNATIONAL diversifies in the sectors of port development and training for international business.

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