While vainly  awaiting the end of the travel restrictions, EXA INTERNATIONAL  kept in touch with their clients. However several negotiations  progressed , namely with Kazakhstan for fertilizer units and DR Congo for goldfields and with the French Navy for classified works.

EXA INTERNATIONAL celebrates their 50 th anniversary at SYNGAS Congress-Den Haag-The Netherlands.

CESM port development activity merged with EXA INTERNATIONAL.  Hence EXA INTERNATIONAL issued new shares and the stock increased substantially.

EXA INTERNATIONAL Mining Department diversifies into new minerals in FSU Asian Republics.

We celebrate the 15th anniversary of the pilot centrifugal foundry erected by EXA INTERNATIONAL at Togliattiazot (Russia).Most of the tubes then produced are still operating satisfactorily. The usual time life of such tubes is 10 years. It shows that EXA INTERNATIONAL's proprietory foundry technology is at the top of the world standard. All the tubes of the six reforming units of Togliattiazot have been produced by the extended foundry commissionned by EXA INTERNATIONAL in 2007. More that 15000 tubes have been produced in 10 years. Togliattiazot is the first world producer of ammonia with 3 millions tons in 2016.

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