The capital expenditures (CAPEX) are based on feasibility studies with advanced cash flow (ACF) forecasts. The acceptable projects are those with competitive ACF and ETIBIDA.

EXA’s project management has proved to be very efficient and innovative. EXA’s “risk methodology” encompasses the following steps:

  1. Due Diligence,
  2. Process and markets selection,
  3. Feasibility studies,
  4. FID (Financial Investment Decision),
  5. Fund raising,
  6. FEED,
  7. Financial facilities,
  8. Procurement,
  9. Installation and training of personnel,
  10. Start-up.

The risk method minimizes the financial and technical risks of a project through the planning of the erection of the site.

EXA INTERNATIONAL has successfully developed projects including start-up and "product in hand" steps:

  • Gas (lines and plants),
  • Mines (ore exploitation and transformation),
  • Metallurgy (foundry and forge),
  • Civil Works (roads, bridges and airport runways),
  • Rural development in mining areas.

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